Remarkable Daughter-Moment Caught On Film, Mom Screams After Realizing What's In The Frame (Photo)

A mom who was having fun shooting a few photos of her two-year-old daughter in rural Australia was totally stunned when she saw a huge brown snake just pop up just inches away her daughter.

Bianca Dickinson noted she thought she saw something move outside her home in Wimmera, Victoria, when she was taking some pics with her kids, but figured it must be a leaf or a piece of bark blown about by the wind.

A few moment later, Dickinson realized what she had seen was a more than six-foot-long Eastern brown snake. Even worse, the snake had now moved within inches of her child.

“The photo still makes me have heart failure,” frightened mom Dickinson commented in an interview. 

Dickinson explained that even though she desperately wanted to lift Molly up and away from the poisonous snake, she was afraid that could surprise the snake and cause it to strike at the toddler.

“I think because I stayed still, she then stayed still and it literally just kept slithering past,” Dickinson said.

The snake slithered away in a few seconds, and she grabbed Molly and pulled her to safety.

Dickinson and her other children decided to check the camera to see if she caught the moment the snake was passing by. “Once I was home I checked my camera and found this shot,” she noted.

The amazing photo shows the snake slithering across a pole and moving off in the grass.

Luckily, it seems that Molly was “completely oblivious to the saga” and did not even know the poisonous snake was behind her.

The same cannot be said for her mom, who pointed out: “Me on the other hand... I didn't sleep last night and I have just eaten for the first time since it happened”.

According to herpetologists, the Australian Eastern brown snake is second most venomous snake known, and is responsible for more snakebite deaths in Australia than any other type of snake.

Source: Telegraph
Photo: Bianca Dickinson

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