Girl Lives Her Life in a Plastic Bowl (Photos)

A girl in Nigeria is carried around by her family in a plastic bowl. Her head looks like that of any other 19-year-old, but it's attached to a body that looks like it belongs to an infant.

Rahma Haruna has a mysterious condition that caused her limbs and most of her body to stop growing. "From six months when she learned how to sit that was when it began. She didn’t learn how to crawl," her mother told the Daily Mail. "She started with a fever and that was it. Then stomach pains. Then her body parts like hands and legs. She cannot use any if the ache strikes."

The teen lives her life in a plastic bowl and suffers constant pain. She has to be cared for just as she was when she was an infant. She has to be bathed, fed and provided with all her needs.

Despite the tragic condition. Haruna is a bright, happy, intelligent girl. The family transport her around the village, now with the help of a wheelchair given to them by a generous donor.

"I’ve spent 15 years searching for the cure. I farm, go to the market and lots more looking for money to pay for her bills," said her father. "I sold almost everything in my possession. I have spent more than one million naira ($3,100), so far. Only God knows the real amount of what I had spent."

Even though her family is concerned about her health and providing for her, they adore the teen. She's not one to feel sorry for herself. "I thank God in everything I do," she said. "I want to start a business. A grocery store and anything people buy, that is what I want."

Source: MailOnline
Photo: Barcroft via MailOnline

Photo: Barcroft via LifeDaily

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