Flight Attendant Grabs the Mic and Asks Everyone to Stop and Listen. Then Shocks Them All

At Southwest, they do things a little differently. Some of their flight attendants sing. Some of them tell jokes. This one flight attendant, couldn’t do either. The one thing he does know how to do is shake things up a bit.

He couldn’t, however, do it without the audience.

He explains that doing he would fall asleep if he had to do his announcements one more time in a boring standard way. So, he asked the passengers on the plane to kick him a beat. Once everyone had the same rhythm going by stomping their feet and clapping their hands, he busted out with an ill rhyme.

He did the entire set of announcements —explaining the cost of drinks and asking passengers to raise their tray tables and to pull their seats forward— while rapping and rhyming. He turned a dull and would what could have been a stressful, and mundane flight, into a high energy affair where people were excited to relax on their flight. The crowd seemed to like it and clap excitedly.

“You will not get that on United Airlines… I guarantee you,” he told his audience when he was through.

We think we know who we’re going to book our next flight with. We just hope this guy is our flight attendant.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things

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