You Won't Believe How This Woman Got Parasites In Her Eyelashes

If we ever really extended the effort to examine it, we would likely all be shocked by the amount of time, effort, and money that’s wasted on solving completely avoidable problems. Even the most diligent among us are guilty of occasionally allowing things to slip through the cracks, and we swear up and down that we’ll never let it happen again once the problem is solved. Some folks stick to their guns in that regard and become even more diligent, while others will still have an infrequent slip-up or two.

Then there’s another category of folks entirely that wait until the last possible second to solve their vexing dilemmas. Sometimes, the problem can be solved in the nick of time without too much collateral damage. We can only assume that those folks are emboldened even further by this good fortune, as they continually operate this way to the frustration of others. Before too long, their lackadaisical ways will catch up with them yet again. While there are times that the damage is not too bad in the grand scheme of things, there are also times when the damage is rather substantial.

Here’s one that fits into the latter category. As the Daily Mail shares, a woman from China that’s identified only as Ms. Xu has become somewhat of a medical marvel after doctors discovered that she had hundreds of parasites that were making their home in her eyelashes. If the thought of that makes you a bit queasy, you are not alone. While this certainly sounds like a big problem for Ms. Xu that caused her quite a bit of angst, our sympathy for the woman is tempered by the fact that it was a completely avoidable problem.

So what happened? Ms. Xu had been suffering from red and itchy eyes for the better part of two years. Rather than seeking medical attention, she brushed it aside, but she was diligent enough to treat her symptoms with over the counter drops. Unsurprisingly, the problem got worse - as in a whole lot. It got to the point that she couldn’t even open her eyes. She would finally decide to seek medical attention.

Doctors were stunned to find that her eyes were essentially crusted shut because of the overwhelming number of parasites that she had in her eyes. They would be further shocked when they discovered why the woman’s eyelashes were so infested. They began poking around to get a better understanding of her personal hygiene, and they would come to find out that she hadn’t washed her pillowcase for five years. Allow that to sink in for a moment.

In addition to being infested with parasites, we can only assume that Ms. Xu is nose blind as well. She wasn’t diagnosed with that, but doctors did determine that she had blepharitis and conjunctivitis, inflammation of the base of the eyelashes and of the eye. She’s doing fine now that she’s had treatment, and we can only hope that she’s being more diligent about washing her linens.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: AsiaWire

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