You Have To See The Instructor's Reaction To Teen Texting During Driving Test

Nine people are killed in the United States every day in accidents that involved a distracted driver. More than 1,153 are injured. Apparently, some people think messing with young drivers minds will help them learn to not text while their driving.

A Belgian organization called Responsible Young Drivers created a video where they oblige young drivers to text while they’re driving in an effort to get them to stop texting while driving.

The organization enlists driving instructors with hidden cameras in their cars and tell those taking the road test that the only way to get their license is to text while driving.

“You must prove you’re able to use your mobile phone while driving,” the instructors tell the driving student.

As if whipping your car around cones and other obstacles that you wouldn’t normally find on a regular drive wasn’t hard enough, they throw in texting specific phrases with proper spelling into the mix.

“Imagine that's a child,” the instructor says.

He even brought one of the drivers to almost tears, having her think she wouldn’t be able to get her license. The drivers, obviously, discover that they are unable to text and drive through an obstacle course at the same time.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things

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