Woman's Pedicure Goes Horribly Wrong

Getting a pedicure is usually considered a nice treat. It's a relaxing way to pamper yourself and keep your feet looking pretty. Unfortunately, it can go terribly wrong. If it does, it can result in serious health problems.

Jennifer White can vouch for how a pedicure can be detrimental to your health. She and a few friends went to a salon in Noblesville, Indiana for pedicures. The salon allegedly failed to properly sanitize their equipment, causing White to suffer from a serious infection.

White first shared her experience on Facebook. She claims that the place was 'pretty new and absolutely gorgeous', so she never expected they might have a problem with contamination. She was otherwise healthy and never dreamed there would be any problem from a simple pedicure.

According to Cosmopolitan, White's foot began swelling shortly after she left the salon. As the hours passed, things just kept getting worse. She ended up going to the hospital because her foot blew up and took on a dark red color.

White was diagnosed with an infection and had to be given antibiotics on an IV. She was admitted to the hospital and remained for days, unable to walk or work.

"I currently am on the strongest antibiotics available given by IV and still having a hard time getting it under control. So ladies and Gents remember this the next time you want to get a pedicure!!!" she warned people on social media.

In a follow up post, White said she had since discovered that pumice stones and 'scrapers' are prohibited from being used in all nail solons, even though most use them anyway. They can't be sanitized, and usually aren't at all.

The stones and scrapers cause tiny breaks in the skin, which always runs the risk of germs getting into the skin and causing infections.

She also discovered that the soaking bowls have to be bleached after every use properly or they, too, can pose a threat. Many solons prefer to opt for covers to avoid this.

White reports that she's going to need surgery and promises to post updates. She fears that she might lose a toe.

According to the manager of the solon, the employees abide by the health codes and sanitize or dispose of all tools according to law. They deny responsibility for the infection, though the manager says they might be willing to help pay for some of White's medical bills.

In reality, germs are everywhere. While it might sound tempting to board yourself up and never leave the house again, it’s just not realistic. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a pedicure, manicure or other beauty treatments as long as you’re cautious.

First of all, don’t go if you know you have any cuts or scrapes on your feet, no matter how small. And always watch for a few days for any changes in color, swelling, pain or other problems. If you experience a problem, seek medical help immediately.

Learn the required sanitary procedures and make sure the salon you go to is following them. Don’t allow technicians to use equipment on you that is not recommended or permitted. Never be afraid to ask to make sure the salon is taking proper precautions, and complain when you feel a worker is skimping on the safety procedures.

Complain to the state health department if you feel a salon is ignoring procedures.

Source: AOL
Photos: Facebook, You Tube

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