Woman's Husband Died, 2 Years Later Daughter Reveals Secret She'd Been Keeping

Banks have a reputation of being rather cold and heartless. When it comes to people going through a tough time, you don't usually think about a bank stepping up to help. In this case, one bank surprised everyone.

DeeDee was devastated when her husband, Yianni, passed away in 2012. The 54-year-old died unexpectedly, leaving behind the business that he had been running since 1991. DeeDee was left to cope not only with her grief, but to figure out how to fill her husband's work shoes.

The widow was overwhelmed with the task at hand. Her husband enjoyed running the restaurant and made it look so easy, but his wife struggled to figure out the business, to pay the mortgage and keep up with payroll.

When Eastern Bank found out about DeeDee's struggles, they shocked her by offering her a spa vacation in Florida. This was not something DeeDee expected from a bank, but the trip was actually not the surprise. It was just a distraction.

The real surprise was what happened when DeeDee was away - family and friends worked with the bank to perform some much-needed repairs and remodeling on the pizza shop. DeeDee was stunned speechless when she returned home and went to the pizza shop.

We forget sometimes, banks are run by people, and all people can do good deeds.

Source: Little Things
Photo: YouTube

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