Woman Wakes Up To Bloody Nightmare After Boyfriend Does The Unspeakable To Her Baby

A West Virginia man's sexual assault charges have been upgraded to murder. The man violently raped and beat his girlfriend's 10-month-old daughter. The baby, who was left brain dead after the attack, has died.

Benjamin Taylor, 32, told authorities that he 'blanked out' in his girlfriend's home the night baby Emmaleigh Barringer was attacked. He had been smoking pot and drinking alcohol, he says, and can't remember the events that occurred.

The baby's mother woke up before dawn and discovered Taylor leaning over Emmaleigh's lifeless body in the basement. His pants were unzipped and Emmaleigh was naked.

The mother took Emmaleigh and ran upstairs to call 911. The baby was covered with bruises, strangled and bleeding from the vagina. She was rushed to the hospital where she was declared brain dead.

Police claim Taylor did not look overly-intoxicated when they arrived on the scene. When questioning him, he changed his story several times and tried to rub something off of himself. It turned out to be blood believed to be from the victim.

Taylor was initially charged with sexual assault and had been given a $2 million bond. Two days later, Emmaleigh died, and murder charges have been added.

Source: WCHSTV
Photo: Conservative Tribune

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