Woman Took Steroids To Get Stronger - Now She Looks Like This (Photos)

A 28-year-old woman from London named Candice Armstrong has taken large doses of steroids so long she has almost turned into a man.

Once an average-sized blonde, Candice is a brunette with bulging muscles and body hair all over her back, chest and upper lip today.

Candice explains that while she wasn’t really planning on being masculine when she started with steroids, but she says she’s committed to it now.

“No, it wasn't my plan,” she remarks in a new UK documentary about her. “You could argue that when I wanted big arms and broad shoulders, a bigger back and small hips, that that was a masculine look but I didn't consciously decide I want to change from a woman into a man.”

The side effects of the steroid abuse are clear in Candice. She has notable body hair and problems with acne, and Candice’s clitoris has become so large, it is almost a small penis.

“That has gone significantly bigger, yes,” Candice says. “About an inch [long] and it's shaped like a little penis. It looks like a little penis, you can roll back the foreskin...”

Her breasts now hang down over her giant pectoral muscles.

Despite all of the physical changes in her body, Candice says that she is still glad to have become the physical specimen she is today. She also notes her new body now permits her to perform in a drag act, something she’s wanted to do for many years.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: I'm American, MailOnline

Steroid abuse has turned Candice into a man.

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