Woman Spotted Baby Dangling from Rooftop, Acts Fast to Save the Day

No matter how vigilant a parent is, or how cautious a parent may be, sometimes you can let your guard down and disaster can strike. If you’re lucky, though, someone else will be around to catch your mistake.

One family got very lucky when a passerby saw that their child was in danger.

A woman in Ohio was shocked to look up and see a baby on a rooftop, dangling from a roof gutter. She quickly went into rescue mode and got to the baby just in the nick of time.

The child was, thanks to his rescuer, unharmed. The frantic mother is very grateful.

Jill Harper was doing something most of us do on a daily basis-- just driving down the street on a Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, she looked up at a house at the right moment and saw that a tragedy was about to unfold.

She wasn't going to let it happen if she could help it, though.

There was a baby on a roof, hanging onto a gutter. He was going to fall, and no one was around.

Harper pulled over, jumped out of the car and raced over to the door of the house. She banged on the door, but no one seemed to be responding to her knock.

"I just pulled my car up and stopped and jumped out and ran up there," Harper told FOX 8 "I could only touch his foot so I started banging on the house hoping that somebody would come outside and help me.”

When no one came to the door, the good Samaritan then raced over to the tot. She managed to grab him by the ankle just as he fell, saving him from colliding with the ground.

The 18-month-old child wasn't harmed in the fall. His bedroom window was open on the second floor to air out the room, and apparently the opening was just big enough for the baby to crawl outside and step onto the roof.

Police were called to the scene and questioned Harper and the mother. According to the shocked mom, whose name has not been released, the baby wasn’t even supposed to be in his room. The mother left him downstairs and had gates on the stairs to prevent him from climbing.

The mother was in the house and had just gone to the bathroom. The little boy, who the mother called 'rambunctious and energetic', managed to get around the security gate and climb up to the second floor while his mother was using the bathroom.

The police questioned the mother and were satisfied that it was truly an accident and an isolated incident. Not believing the baby was in any further danger, the mom was not charged with any crime.

The worried mother vowed to make changes in the home to put better protections in place to ensure this kind of thing doesn't happen again.

"It was the craziest thing that ever happened in my life," Harper said to Fox 8 News.

“I am just thankful that she realized something was wrong and jumped out. She ought to be considered a hero,” said Detective Sgt. Kevin Youskievicz to Inside Edition.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: WKYC Screenshots, Miami Herald

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