Woman Horrified When Server Rights Racial Slur On Receipt

A woman stopped by a restaurant for some grub. As she left with her order, she checked her receipt and was shocked by what was written on it.

The woman called for a boycott of the restaurant, and the manager promptly fired the offending employee.

The Asian woman went into the Cornerstone Cafe, in New York, on August 16 and placed an order of steak and eggs to go. The cashier, known only as 'Rubi', took the order and asked the woman for her name.

When the woman was leaving the store, she noticed the cashier didn't put her name down. Instead, she wrote 'Ching Chong' in the space for the customer's name.

The woman was shocked to find the offensive slur written on her receipt. She showed her daughter the slip of paper, and her daughter showed it to a friend named 'Ziggy Chau'. Ms. Chau was outraged and posted an image of the receipt to her Facebook account.

“Racism has no place ANYWHERE. Asians friends――- speak up for ALL... not just when it affects you, please," wrote Chau. "Can you please share this to your page? Hate to get political but in light of what is happening here in the USA and our current president seem to make it ok to come out and be blatantly racist.”

Reviews on Yelp came pouring in, slamming the restaurant for the rude behavior of the cashier. Chau was so furious over the ordeal she contacted the manager.

"I explained the situation to the manager by the name of Rocco who then proceeded to ask me so what is the customer’s name then? I said regardless, the receipt said Ching Chong, a derogatory term for Asians."

Mr. Rocco suggested that the server misheard the customer's name. Chau told her that the receipt had been shared to social media, so it would be best if the restaurant responded to it. “I asked him to issue a public apology on their social media channels so we shall see what happens.”

The manager did apologize later on the restaurant's Facebook account. “This situation leaves me no choice than to terminate this employee for this unjustified act. It definitely does not reflect the way the Cornerstone staff or I think because of one individual’s stupidity.”

Later, the restaurant's Facebook page was entirely deleted, along with the apology.

With computerized register systems, these kinds of horrible insults from servers are becoming more and more common.

In a Wendy's restaurant in Alabama, staff wrote 'lil ugly dude' on a teen's receipt. Sadly, the manager and employees were all giggling over it when the boy was placing his order. When he got the receipt, he was embarrassed and ran out.

In California, three girls were mortified when they went to place an order at Chilly D's and the server wrote the name 'Fat Girls' on the bill.

Sometimes servers don't just insult their customers with mean names. One restaurant receipt that circulated on social media had a message written in the print-out that said, "Horny? Michael is always available for one-night stands!"

Seems like a lot of servers out there are just failed comedians.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: Facebook, Westword, Yelp

The customers were shocked by the racist name.

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