Woman Sentenced to Prison for Snooping Through Her Husband's Phone

A woman in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) cross a line by browsing through her husband's phone without permission. She's now suffering serious consequences for violating the country's strict privacy laws.

Her husband pressed charges, and the woman has been sentenced to three months in jail. People on social media have been debating the case.

The woman in question was suspicious of her husband because she had caught him chatting with other women in the past. The jealous wife began looking through his phone while he slept.

She would send all of his conversations, pictures and call records to her own smartphone so that she could comb through it carefully at her own convenience. She would go through all his private information, and occasionally she would share some of it with her siblings to discuss it.

The angry husband found out that his wife was spying on him and filed a complaint. The UAE has strict privacy laws that say married couples are not allowed to snoop around on each other's phone.

It's illegal to access anyone’s personal information from their phone without first getting permission. Even if you suspect your spouse is doing something wrong, like cheating, the law prohibits people from checking a husband or wife’s phone without getting permission first.

Compounding the matter even further, it's illegal to show other people someone's private information from their phone without permission, as the wife allegedly did by sharing her husband’s private conversations and images with her siblings.

Police came to question her about the matter, but she defended herself by saying she had permission. She said her husband was caught flirting online in the past, and he gave his wife his password and permission to check his phone for her peace of mind.

The husband denied this, however. The woman was ultimately sentenced to three months in jail by a court in Ras Al Khaimah for the indiscretion.

People on social media began debating the court's ruling. Some whole-heartily agreed with it, while others felt it was ridiculously unfair.

"If she wasn't suspicious over something, she wouldn't have gone through his phone," tweeted one person in defense of the wife. "Isn't it shameful for him to jail his own wife?"

Other Twitter users felt the wife knew the laws, and she knew she was breaking them. She brought her troubles on herself. “She deserves this. No one told her to go through his phone,” said a commenter.

"Haven't couples who look through each other's phones gone extinct yet?" one person asked. Considering how privacy laws have tightened in recent years, you would think spouses would stop landing themselves in hot water by snooping on each other's phones.

Different countries have different laws regarding phone privacy, but the laws seem to be universally trending in favor of protecting each individual's right to privacy. A person who discovers his or her spouse has done wrong by browsing uninvited through the person's phone could find themselves in a worse position in divorce court than the adulterer.

Cheating is rarely treated as a criminal offense these days, but privacy violations are taken much more seriously.

For some people, it's not technology that's the problem; it's the institution. "Marriage is such a headache," complained another person.

Source: Oddity Central
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