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Woman Sends Her Husband Snapchat Pictures - Didn’t Think He’d Notice This (Photos)

A woman who was on a trip sent her husbands some sexy pictures on Snapchat. She thought she was putting one over on him, but he noticed something she didn't.

The woman, identified only as Chelsea, sent a series of pictures of herself in her hotel room to her husband. In the photos she's getting undressed and prancing around the room in her underwear.

"Hotel room! Going to sleep soon," said one photo caption.

Another photo featured the woman's buttocks and the caption read, "One more before bed."

Her husband texted her. "Who is with you in the hotel room?"

"What are you talking about? I set my camera on a timer," she texted back.

"Stop lying Chelsea I know you're not alone in that hotel room," he responded.

"Yes I am! I swear baby you know I would never cheat."

The husband then pointed out her fatal mistake. Behind her in her last shot you can see a pair of men's boots on the floor.

"I can't go through this again. I'm calling a lawyer," the man told her.

Is it a true story, or is someone just getting creative on the internet? NO one knows, but cheaters might take a lesson from the story: don't press your luck.

Source: Mirror
Photo: Mirror

The first photo didn't reveal anything out of the ordinary.

Here’s where she made the mistake.

Opps, those don’t belong to you!

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