Woman Sees What Barber Is Doing, Snaps, Pic, It Immediately Goes Viral (Photos)

Haircuts can be a source of fright for young children, but they can enter the realm of downright terrifying when that child happens to be autistic. According to Metro, this barber in the UK found a solution that would make a haircut seem like not such a big deal for this youngster.

Jamie Lewis and Denine Davies are the proud parents of Mason, a young boy that has been diagnosed with autism. They’ve searched for a hairdresser that would be able to successfully cut his hair for some time, as it proves to be a little too challenging for Mason to deal with. Apparently the sensory overload he experiences can turn into actual physical pain.

James Williams had tried to cut the boy’s hair on a few separate occasions, but also found little success.

“He would run away on times,” James explains.

He decided to try a different course of action for Mason’s next visit. The boy seemed to be more at peace on the floor instead of in the barber chair, so James got down on the ground and cut Mason’s hair. It worked beautifully, and Mason even gave him a hug when the haircut was finished.

Source: Metro
Photo: Facebook/James Williams

Barber goes above and beyond to cut autistic boy's hair.

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