Woman Scrolls Through Dressing Room Selfies, Panics When She Sees Someone Spying On Her (Photos)

No one tries on clothes anymore without taking selfies. And that’s exactly what Savannah State University student Destiny did while trying on dresses at a Forever 21 in Georgia.

She was flipping through the selfies to post some on social media, and when she took a second look at some of them she spotted a familiar, yet unfamiliar face, according to FOX 5 Atlanta.

There had been a little girl peeping at her from underneath the changing room door the entire time. The little girl was caught in all of Destiny’s selfies. She got a complete kick out of this, because she never noticed the girl until she saw the child in her photos.

After posting the picture on Twitter, it quickly went viral and got thousands of likes and retweets.

"So I was trying this dress on and didn't realize this little girl was looking at me the whole time," she wrote.

People began drawing similarities between the little girl and Home Alone character Kevin McAllister, asking why the character played by Macaulay Culkin was watching her change.

Do you think this little girl can pass for the Home Alone character?

Source: Fox5
Photo: Fox5

Little girl caught spying on woman in changing room.

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