Woman Posts Horrific Animal Abuse On Facebook, Followers Take Action

A Colorado woman is in jail after posting abusive posts while dog sitting. Cherica Winston, 31, of Aurora, is facing animal cruelty charges.

Known as Juju LaRay on Facebook, she wrote “$50 bucks and you can have this damn pitt. imma keep shooting her with this taser and bb gun till she's gone f*** this dog....”

Winston eventually deleted her account but not before former Facebook friend Travis Smith contacted Aurora police.

Smith told Fox 31, “My immediate reaction is ‘Oh, my God! I’ve never seen anything like that before.” An investigation determined that Winston had committed a crime against the pit bull pup she was dog-sitting. When the police found the dog at the Aurora residence, it was covered in its own urine and feces.

Aurora police Sgt. Chris Amsler said “A small dog, located in a small crate, the dog was all by itself, no type food or water. There was an awful smell. ... The animal had been peeing in the crate and was soaked in the urine.”

Amsler added “Our officer didn't find any evidence that the dog had been tased or shot with a BB gun." The dog is recovering well and is currently in the care of the Aurora Animal Shelter.

Smith posted on facebook, “Okay, everyone, here's the latest update. Currently the dog is at the Aurora Shelter and it has been taken away from Laray Winston. We're working to get the dog released and into a safe home. Throughout the last 24 hrs we received dozens of leads and by getting them to the Aurora PD we were able to find the dog. I can't thank everyone enough who helped in locating her. This is one time where social media has proven to be a powerful tool for good.”

Amsler said, “This is a great example of how a group of people saw something that concerned them, told us and we were able to get successful resolution."

Winston will appear in court on Oct. 27. The animal shelter has not released any photos or videos of the baby pit bull.

Photo: KDVR

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