Woman Notices Strange Noise Coming From Ceiling, Horrified At Who's Been Hiding For 12 Years

A South Carolina single mother always had a fear that someone would break into her home. She was very vigilant about keeping doors and windows locked so that no intruders would threaten her or her children. In 2012, she started hearing strange noises coming from the attic. She feared the worst, but couldn't believe what she found.

One night, the mom, known only as Tracy, tucked her young children into bed. Soon, noises caught her attention. It sounded like someone was moving around the attic. She followed the noise, which ended up in the part of the attic that was just above her bedroom.

As she tried to calm herself down, she got an even more frightening confirmation that she wasn't alone. Nails started popping out of the ceiling, one by one, as though someone was pushing them through.

Tracy called her adult sons and nephew for help. The men came to check out the attic and expected to find a common pest like a raccoon or an opossum. Instead, they found a grown man curled up asleep next to the heating unit.

They barricaded the door as Tracy dialed 911. After police came, they realize that Tracy knew the man hiding in the attic-- she used to date him. He was her ex-boyfriend.

The man had been living in the attic for two weeks. He had a food stash and had cups with feces and urine in the attic because he'd been going to the bathroom up there.

Tracy found out that the suspect had just been released from jail two weeks’ area. He has not been arrested yet, and Tracy has spotted him on her block since the incident. The family is traumatized from the ordeal.

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