Woman Married Her Biological Daughter, Had Previously Been Married To Biological Son

A young woman pleaded guilty to charges of incest after she married her biological mother. She says her mother misled her, though, by telling her that the relationship and marriage were perfectly legal.

Even more shocking, this isn't the first time the mother convinced one of her children to marry her. She had been married to her biological son, though the marriage was annulled.

Patricia Ann Spann lost custody of her three children - two sons and a daughter - when they were young children. Their paternal grandparents adopted and raised the three kids. Spann disappeared for years.

The now 44-year-old mother reunited with her daughter, Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, in 2014. Misty, who is now 26 years old, said she and her mother immediately 'hit it off' and became involved in an incestuous relationship. The two even discussed adopting children together.

Misty tearfully says Patricia manipulated her and talked her into the marriage. She says her mother told her she consulted with legal experts who told her it was legal for them to get married. In September of 2016, a DHS child welfare worker discovered that the married couple were mother and daughter, and the two were charged with incest.

Patricia said that she never meant to mislead her daughter. She said she did research online and thought that because they legally had different names, that it was okay to get married. In reality, in the state of Oklahoma where the two lived, incest by blood relatives (regardless of names) is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Misty got the marriage annulled and took a plea deal in exchange for a lighter sentence. She's been given 10 years’ probation, and the judge is also ordering counseling.

Surprisingly, Patricia has been able to talk another one of her children into marrying her. In 2008, she married one of her sons.

Jody Calvin Spann and his mom got married because she wanted to help prevent him from being deployed in the military. She insists, though, that her relationship with him wasn't sexual.

Jody had the marriage annulled two years later.

It's unlikely that Patricia's third child would be willing to make the same mistake. "I think she's worthless, she put my sister into this. She forced my sister into this, there's a lot of people that know it," he said to the Daily Mail.

"For you to want to put your own daughter through this, what kind of person are you? If that's what you want that's on you, but none of us kids want that, and now you got my sister behind bars because of your choices, why don't you let that sit on you as a mom."

Because Patricia had to undergo surgery for medical problems, her case has been delayed. Incest in Oklahoma carries up to a 10-year jail sentence, though, and it’s unlikely that any judge is going to be as merciful to her as they have been to Misty.

Source: Daily Mail, New York Post
Photo: YouTube, Facebook

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