Woman, Hospital Staff Can't Believe What They See On Sonogram (Photos)

A pregnant woman wished she'd gotten the chance to tell her mother before she died that she was going to be a grandmother. As her pregnancy progressed, she found proof that her mother knows and is with her. Photo proof.

Rebecca Melia's mother Sharon died unexpectedly of kidney cancer in February of 2015. Rebecca didn't get the opportunity to tell her mother that she was pregnant. Rebecca says she continued to feel her mom's presence, however, and got confirmation of that when she went for a sonogram.

At first, Rebecca was scared. She thought something was wrong with her baby after the nurses had gathered out of ear shot and took a long time to get back to her. They finally brought her the picture, news of a healthy baby boy, and a surprise to boot. Apparently, a mysterious face showed up in the sonogram reading.

"I couldn't believe it; I was shocked, happy and overwhelmed all at the same time. My mum's face, which I longed to see, was there as clear as day on my scan," said Rebecca.

The mother-to-be said she had been talking to her mother's pictures before leaving the house, saying how she wished her mother could be with her. Now she knows, Sharon was there after all.

"And I wanted to share this story to bring comfort to others who have lost their loved ones and show this is proof that loved ones who have died may not be seen, but they are still here," Rebecca concluded.

Source: Mirror
Photo: Mirror/Liverpool Echo

Woman spots mother's face in sonogram.

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