Woman Gets IVF - Doctor Realizes He Made A Huge Mistake

Carolyn Savage and her husband Sean’s third baby was conceived after 10 years of IVF treatments. They decided that they would also have their fourth baby by using an embryo from their fourth IVF treatment. She didn’t receive the devastating news until after finding out that she was pregnant.

According to Little Things, doctors told the Savages that they accidentally implanted the wrong embryo in Carolyn and that their fourth baby was someone else’s child. The family was completely devastated. However, she decided to carry the child to full term.

“We’re trying to look at it as a gift for another family that eight months ago we didn’t know,” Carolyn said.

After the baby was born, it was returned to their actual parents.

“We will wonder about this child every day for the rest of our life,” said Carolyn.

The biological parents of the child said they were upset, but grateful for Carolyn and call her their “guardian angel.”

“All the emotions a woman has during pregnancy to bond with her child I haven’t had,” Shannon Morell, the child’s biological mother, said. “It’s been a very empty feeling. All the emotions from nine months are packed into that one day when I actually get to hold my baby. I never felt the baby kick — none of that.”

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things

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