Woman Foretold Her Own Death In Bone-Chilling Tweet

One woman could never have known that one of her fearful tweets would end up coming true.

A British adventure seeker went off to South America to kayak down the length of the Amazon river. Friends warned her that the trip would be dangerous, but she said she was willing to take the risk. In one of her last Facebook posts, she joked that she would be robbed and killed. Three days later, that's exactly what happened.

London-born Emma Kelty had recently started devoting her life to adventure. After the death of her father in 2015, she began a 'bucket list' and started to travel. The thrillseeker hiked the 2,600-mile Pacific Crest Trail, she skied to the South Pole and finally embarked upon a 4,000-mile kayaking adventure along the Amazon river.

Kelty's trip began in the Marañón River in Lima, Peru, and in the beginning, she was very excited about the adventure. “I want to do this as a challenge for the next step to what I hope to be my next adventure that will take another leap in the ‘challenging the boundaries’ adventure,” she wrote.

She was traveling about 30 miles per day, and camping along the river banks at night. She began reporting that locals were approaching her at night and implied it was making her nervous. “Too many broken nights sleeps . . . getting more tired every day . . . . let’s hope I don’t get 4 more guys ‘returning to visit me after dark’ tonight . . . 54km done,” she said in an August 23 post.

The 43-year-old former school principal posted in a Facebook update on September 10, "So in or near Coari (100 km away) I will have my boat stolen and I will be killed too. Nice."

She added three sad-face emojis to punctuate the post. Neither Kelty nor her friends had any idea just how prophetic that post would be.

The day before Kelty disappeared, she reported to her friends that she'd run into a band of gun-toting pirates. “Turned corner and found 50 guys in motor boats with arrows!!!” she posted. “My face must have been a picture!! (Town was uber quiet . . . too quiet!!)," she wrote. "OK 30 guys . . . but either way . . . that’s a lot of folks in one area in boats with arrow and rifles.”

The next day she seemed to be at peace. "Such a dramatic change in one day . . . but such is the river . . . . every km is different and just because 1 area is bad doesn’t mean next is,” she wrote, adding a smiling emoji. That was the last time anyone heard from Kelty again.

Police caught one of the suspects in connection to Kelty's disappearance, and he allegedly confessed. According to the confession, when the adventurer was camping on a remote island near Coari, Brazil, she was ambushed by pirates. She was shot twice, but survived the bullets. Then, after helping themselves to her gear, the pirates pulled her onto their canoe and dismembered her and tossed her remains into the Solimões River.

The pirates then brought Kelty's belongings, including her tablet computer, drone, and cell phones, to local towns and attempted to sell them.

“The gang operates like pirates and go out in a canoe looking and hunting for the chance to steal. It appears they did not have a predefined victim,” said Amazonas state homicide officer Ivo Martins.

Not six months earlier, Kelty told the BBC in an interview that she felt her adventures were worth the risk. She also added that she was ready to face the dangers.

“Oh, yes, I mean that’s half the challenge,” she said. “But it’s about minimizing the risk. I’m going to a self-defense course, which is going to be tailored to de-arming people, so if I do come across that situation at least I’m prepared for it.”

Source: New York Post
Photo: Emma Kelty, Caters

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