Woman Confronts Man With Nazi Flag On House - Sees Trump Sticker On His Truck

The KKK demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia that resulted in dozens of injuries and three deaths last weekend has many people still reeling. Just because the rally is over doesn't mean the arguments are. Just 15 miles away from Charlottesville, a man is proudly flying a Nazi flag on his front porch.

One shocked local thinks something needs to be done about it, but the man says it's his Constitutional right to display whatever flag he wants on his own property.

Joe Love of Gaston County has been flying a red flag with a swastika on it all weekend. He says he's not filled with hate for any group, or a racist. He just wants to be able to fly the flag that he wants to fly.

“I put three different flags out here, which were all Confederate flags,” he said. “Every one of them got stolen. I put this one up, nobody wants it.”

Love was approached by another resident of his town, Page Braswell. The 44-year-old mother was shocked about the Nazi flag flying in a home in her own town. She filmed a video from Love's driveway.

When Love came out she immediately noticed the Trump sticker on his truck, then asked him, “Hey! What’s up with the Nazi flag?”

Love responded, "What’s that flag got to do with you?”

That question was followed by a stream of expletives. He says he's not a Nazi, but this is 'Nazi f--king America.'

Love asked Braswell what kind of flag she flies, to which she responded, "I fly a rainbow flag, thank you.”

The man, who says he doesn't hate people, responded by calling her 'queer' and 'lesbian', and he dismissed her.

Reporters from the Gaston Gazette dropped by to ask Love about his flag. He once again noted that it was his right to fly it. “A lot of folks died to give me the right to do what I want to do,” Love said. “We don’t support our veterans enough."

Love points out that symbols mean different things to different people. “That used to be a religious symbol in India until Hitler got ahold of it,” Love said. “A lot of people don’t know that... I agree with the symbol as it started out as a religious symbol. But as far as backing Hitler and being a white supremacist and Hitler, I’m not into that.”

Most neighbors seemed indifferent to the flag. Michelle Anger lives on Love's street and says she detests the symbol, but agrees that he's within his rights to fly it. “I think people have a right to do what they want to do, even if I disagree,” Anger said.

Braswell doesn't care what point Love is trying to make; she doesn't like the flag, and feels it is important to take a stand against it. “If people are doing it, we need to call it out. If we don’t, it’s just going to get worse.”

She later wrote on Facebook, “Not everyone will be able to confront racism, but here’s the thing: We white people caused this mess, and it’s our mess to clean up."

Source: The News & Observer, Gaston Gazette
Photo: YouTube, NewsObserver Screenshot, Charlotte Stories

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