Woman Finds Special Use for Breastmilk After Miscarriage

Amy Anderson was pregnant with her third child when she found out that her unborn son, Bryson, died in utero because she had a lower urinary tract obstruction.

She had to deliver the unborn baby at 20 weeks gestation, yet, her body responded as if she had delivered a live child. Soon after, Anderson began lactating. Her doctor suggested she bind her breasts and take Sudafed to stop the lactating process.

Although, Amy said she "found comfort in expressing milk in {Bryson's} name." She then found out that breast milk was in high demand for prematurely born babies.

Her milk had just the right amount of nutrients needed to help underweight and underdeveloped newborns. It helped Amy tremendously to know that she could donate the milk meant for her unborn son. As a result, her grief turned into gratitude.

Amy wrote, "As I expressed the milk, a real sense of calm descended. I felt a powerful closeness to my Bryson, which reminded me how much I loved the breastfeeding relationship I had shared with my eldest son. Pumping milk in Bryson's memory felt so very right."

In just eight months, Amy had produced 92 gallons of milk. Today, she is in the process of completing her certification as a breastfeeding consultant.

Photo: Philly Voice

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