Anyone Hooked On Energy Drinks Should Listen To This Young Mom's Story

Too much of anything is never a good thing, but some folks don’t learn that valuable lesson until it’s too late. Mary Allwood, a 26-year-old mother-of-one from the UK, falls into that category. She consumed a ridiculous amount of energy drinks on a daily basis.

What started out as a small habit turned into a full-blown addiction, and her body would pay the price for it. As the Daily Mail shares, she wound up having to be rushed to the hospital because she was doubled over in pain.

Allwood was doubled up in pain because her liver had doubled in size and resembled one that you would find in an alcoholic. So what caused this to happen? Allwood confessed that she consumed as many as 20 cans of Red Bull per day.

“I needed it and I didn't care at the time what damage it was doing to me. If I didn't get my fix I would be miserable and grumpy and it just wasn't an option - I would make sure I got it,” she explains. “At first I would feel as if it would give me a buzz and energy, but eventually it wouldn't give me energy - I just needed it. I needed the taste and fizziness. It was my heroin. I would feel awful if I didn't have it.”

Allwood had become addicted to energy drinks, and it nearly cost her life to finally wake up about it.

“They kept talking about alcohol and asking how much I drank. They said my liver looked the same as someone who was an alcoholic and that's when I said I drank at least 12 Red Bulls a day,” she continued. “They looked at me in disgust.”

That look she received was because her behavior is mind-boggling to the average person. The same can be said for any addiction, as it’s hard to comprehend how someone will let themselves get to that point. Despite the fact that the addiction revolves around substances that can be poisonous to your body, addicts pay that no mind when it comes to getting their fix. Allwood received a major wake-up call, and she quit cold turkey.

She’s fortunate enough that her liver has gone back to normal size. Now that she’s slain her dragon, she’s calling for some changes to the way that the product is marketed and packaged.

“Now I think the rules should be changed and it should be treated in a similar way to cigarettes, with the blank packaging,” she added.

Perhaps, but there’s also such a thing as personal accountability and responsibility. Excessive consumption of anything is bad for your health. That goes for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs - and even energy drinks. For any addiction, realizing you have a problem is half of the battle.

No amount of labels or warnings is going to do the trick to stop addicts cold. Allwood was lucky enough to receive a wake-up call, but it’s stunning that some alarm bells weren’t going off for her before her health deteriorated.

Source: Daily Mail, HuffPost
Photo: Digital Hub, SNWS

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