Woman Claims Restaurant Denied Her Service For Shorts, But Restaurant Says It Didn't Happen That Way

A pro surfer attempted to go into an upscale restaurant in Newport Beach, but she claims she was denied service because her shorts and sheer top were too revealing. The surfer girl says she was denied service and is outraged that the restaurant shamed her for her choice of attire. The restaurant has a different story.

Anastasia Ashley says she walked into the restaurant Gulfstream for a luncheon when the staff turned her away because her cut-off shorts violated the dress code.

“I was just discriminated against in a restaurant for my shorts being too short. My shorts aren’t too short and I think as a woman I can choose the shorts I want to wear and I don’t need a restaurant to dress me and tell me what is appropriate or not. Does this look like an inappropriate California lunch outfit? and they aren’t even that short," Ashley complained on Facebook. The post included a photo of Ashley in her outfit outside of the restaurant.

The post went viral, and the surfer, who also models, got a lot of support from people who thought she should not be outfit shamed.

"You're perfectly dressed just not for them! Plenty of fine establishments that are more than happy to serve you! Don't waste your time and money on a place that doesn't respect you!” responded one commenter on social media.

The restaurant was forced to respond to the story because of the uproar. A spokesperson says Ashley was never kicked out or refused service. They said they spoke to her about her attire, she complied and covered up, and dined at the establishment that day. Everyone seemed happy.

“We never asked her to leave,” said the spokesperson. “There was no discrimination. Guidelines on attire, they are on the website.”

According to the restaurant’s website, they ask that customers do not come in beach or sports clothing. “We want you to be comfortable in our restaurants. Jackets or ties are not required, but we do request the following to help ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience. For men, please avoid sleeveless shirts, flip flops, and casual athletic attire. Hats may be worn in a conventional manner. For men and women, we request you avoid beach wear or active wear that is overly revealing,” the dress code says.

While many commenters defended Ashley's attire, many commenters on social media pointed out that she did, in fact, violate the dress code. They also pointed out that her cut-off shorts, which exposed some butt cheek, would have been inappropriate at any upscale restaurant.

"It's called a dress code, many restaurants/clubs/etc. have them. Welcome to reality," said another commenter. "As others have mentioned, you are clearly not wearing a bra. The fact that everyone can see your nips probably factored into their decision, whether or not they mentioned it."

Ashley wouldn’t have any criticism. She says her shorts were ‘not even that short’, and insists she was discriminated against that day.

Source: Independent Journal Review, CBS LA
Photo: Anastasia Ashley/Instagram

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