Woman Brutally Beaten - It Gets Worse

A British champion equestrian vaulter was heading home from a competition with her family when they were attacked by immigrants in France. Reports say attacks have been increasing and have become commonplace as the number of immigrants from Africa and Asia continues to rise.

Lucy Phillips, 26, and her parents were heading to a ferry terminal in Calais, France on the journey home to Birmingham, England. They family's truck, towing Phillips' horse in a horsebox, was forced to stop when fallen trees blocked the road. At that point, a group of about 10 immigrants jumped out of the bushes on the side of the road with bats and tree branches.

The gang of immigrants attacked the family, smashing the windows and trying to break into the horsebox. Phillips was in the horsebox trying to keep her horse calm. Her mother and father, in the cab of the truck, were cut and bruised from broken glass and trying to fight off immigrants.

Phillips' father held down the horn until French riot police arrived and intervened. According to reports, 'The Jungle' camp in Calais has a growing immigrant population, and this has led to an increase in violent attacks. Some drivers have reported being attacked by immigrants wielding chainsaws and knives while trying to hijack the vehicle or rob the driver.

"It was so scary and it seems that over the past couple of months the violence has got worse," said Phillips, according to the Daily Mail. "It’s horrendous and beyond belief. It’s not just the big trucks they target, they don’t seem to care who they attack anymore."

"I don’t want to scare people. But anyone going out there needs to be so careful on the way back. We’ve vowed never to travel back at night again."

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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