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Wisconsin Man Admits Dumping Dead Body - Claims Woman Just Gasped For Air And Died While Having Sex

A man who admits he left a woman’s dead body at a truck stop claims that he did not kill her.

According to media sources in Beloit, Wisconsin, Marco A. Rodriguez told police that he and Nakiela Thompson of Milwaukee were having sex in his bedroom, but she began "acting strange" and gasping for air as foam was also coming out of her mouth.

Apparently, the 27-year-old woman stopped breathing shortly after that.

Rodriguez admitted that he had been paying Thompson for sexual intercourse over the last two months, but after she died, he panicked and put Thompson's clothes back on, placed her body in his truck and covered her up in a tarp.

The 50-year-old Beloit resident claimed he threw her purse, cell phone and shoes into a dumpster at the tire shop where he works after she died.

Thompson’s body was found later by a truck driver in a field beneath a semitrailer on November 1st.

According to the autopsy, her immediate cause of death was asphyxia, but it remains uncertain as the report also noted the presence of cocaine in her system.

Rodriguez was arrested Dec. 14 in Beloit and is currently facing one count of hiding a corpse.

Rodriguez eventually admitted to investigators that Nakiela A. Thompson died at his home in Beloit before he dumped her body near the Road Ranger truck stop on Gardner Street in South Beloit.

The complaint against Rodriguez offers a few further details relating to the case. According to the complaint, Rodriguez met Thompson on Halloween in Beloit before they both returned to where he lived and worked at R&D Tire, 1591 Huebbe Parkway.

He told police he exchanged text messages with Thompson, and set up a meeting where the two of them would have sex in exchange for money, based on the complaint. Rodriguez apparently also admitted "he had been paying" Thompson to have sex with him over the last two months or so.

Rodriguez alleges that shortly after the two met that evening, Thompson started "acting strange," and she seemed to be having difficulty breathing and was also foaming at the mouth, according to the information in the complaint.

The defendant explained to the police that he "panicked" after Thompson stopped breathing and died.

Keep in mind that an autopsy of Thompson indicated the woman died due to asphyxia of uncertain cause, noting that "cocaine intoxication" was a likely contributing factor in her death.

According to the police report from Winnebago County detectives, the female corpse had bruising "all over her face" and a cut on her forehead when the body was discovered under a semitrailer face down in a field right next to the overnight 18-wheeler truck parking area.

Local media sources also report that Thompson’s body was identified with the assistance of the FBI.

Note that Rodriguez had his initial appearance in Rock County Jail court continued when the court was unable to locate a certified Spanish interpreter for Rodriguez in the court hearing.

Source: NY Daily News
Photo: Beloit Daily News

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