Wife Furious With Her Cheating Husband - Writes Open Letter To His Mistress About What She Gets To Look Forward To

A woman known only as Melanie on Facebook posted the funniest letter to her (soon to be ex) husband's mistress. It isn't too hard to imagine the smile fading from the other woman's face as she reads it.

Melanie thanks 'Jennifer' for leaving bite marks on her husband's chest at the start of the letter. "You have no idea what a nightmare you have just saved me and my kids from."

The wife then explains to the mistress just what she's in for.

"You are going to have to financially support him," notes the stay-at-home mother of two, explaining that his paycheck will now go to alimony and child support. "So forget about his money honey… cause it’s mine!"

Jennifer shouldn't plan on getting cozy with the family, either. "Since he openly admitted (in front of several people) that you are just “some dumb drunk bitch” that he met at a “tweakers” house you will be banned from these visits for fear of my children's safety. Just so you know, that is also going to be the reason to have his visits limited (if not supervised)," writes Melanie.

"Don’t be surprised if you don’t live up to me because you [won’t] and he will make you miserable for it!" Melanie explains.

"He will blame you for ALL of this," she goes on. “He will blame you for ALL of this… He told me, with tears in his eyes, that you giggled to him “I hope your wife sees that.” I don’t know if you said it or not. I don’t really care. However, just in case you did, your wish came true. I did see it, and he’s pissed."

Melanie ends with a friendly warning that she plans on giving her ex-husband a hard time for years for the way he's hurt her and the kids. "Please be aware that he will take it, he will eat my crap for years with a smile. I was with him for 12 years, I know him better. Yes, I do feel completely justified in my actions."

So much for happily ever after.

Source: Shareably
Photo: Diply, Shareably

Seems like Melanie dodged a bullet.

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