Wife Frantically Dials 911 After Husband Flips Out, Then She Realizes What He Ate

A 53-year-old dad from Omaha, Nebraska who accidentally ate four marijuana brownies says the experience felt like he was “trippin’”.

It seems that Omaha police were called to a home last week to investigate what was thought to be an accidental overdose. When the policed officers arrived, they were told that the suspected overdose victim had been unloading groceries from the backseat of his car that his adult children had used earlier in the day when he found a bag with brownies in it.

The man apparently has a sweet tooth because he ate all four brownies in the bag.

Later that evening, according to the man’s wife, her husband began getting “bad anxiety” as they were watching TV. When things worsened, the wife called to ask her kids what was in the brownies, but couldn’t get ahold of them. The wife told the police that she would rather not give them her children’s names because she did not want anybody to get into trouble.

Fortunately, one of their kids came by the home while the police were still on the scene. He explained to the cops that the brownies belonged to his siblings (sure they did), and that he was “pretty sure it was just marijuana in the brownies.

As a precaution, paramedics were also called. They determined that the vital signs of the overdose victim seemed to be close to normal.

Their report did note some strange behaviors on his part, such as crawling around on the floor, using profanities seemingly randomly and claiming that the pet cat was a "bitch."

The paramedics report also noted that at one point the man told then he felt like “he’s trippin’.” The EMS crew offered to transport the overdose victim to the hospital, but he refused.

The paramedics eventually assisted the wife in getting her husband upstairs and into bed. Before they left, they told the couple to go ahead and call 911 again if the situation worsened.


Source: Omaha.com
Photo: Cooking Panda

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