Wife Arrested For Having Sex With Student, Two Days Later Husband Also Arrested For Shocking Crime

James Franklin Parker, 32, and his wife, Charli Jones Parker, 30, were both arrested for having sex with students. Both students were minors who attended Pickens Academy, the school James and Charli taught at. The two now face up to 20 years in prison.

The state of Alabama has come to the forefront for an ongoing ‘epidemic’ of inappropriate teacher-student relationships. According to Yellow Hammer News, the state’s Department of Education investigated almost 100 cases between 2014-2015 alone.

The former Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Education, Terry Abbott, has referred to the state as ‘ground zero’ for such relationships. He’s the chair of a consulting firm that conducted a recent study of teacher-student relationships on a nationwide basis, and the report doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the state.

“We can’t pretend this isn’t a problem anymore. In some ways when you look at the rate of these cases per population, Alabama is the epicenter of that problem,” he said.

He goes on to explain that there're no policies in place to prohibit electronic communication between students and teachers, who are increasingly using social media as a way to lure the students.

“Very often the teachers involved in these cases pick on students who they know have problems at home or who have physiological issues that they are dealing with. They know these children are, frankly, easy prey,” Abbott explains.

A bill, known as the Educator-Student Interaction Training Act, is making its way through the state senate, with the hopes that it will begin to make some headway on the growing problem.

Source: Yellow Hammer News
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