Why Meghan Markle Is Standing Behind Her Sister-in-Law, Kate Middleton (Literally!)

The relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle has been a topic of discussion ever since Prince Harry became serious about the American television actress. Some have speculated that Meghan seems to look up to Kate and have predicted that they will become the best of friends.

Others have said the women don't appear to be very close because they are rarely being caught chatting outside of royal events they're required to attend. One thing is for sure, though-- Meghan will always be standing behind Kate.

If you have seen any photos of Kate and Meghan together at any events in recent months, you might notice that the Duchess of Cambridge is always leading, while the Duchess or Sussex follows behind. Even when the two are just standing at an event, Meghan is behind Kate. There is actually a reason why Kate will always walk first or stand in front of her sister-in-law: it's the royal family pecking order.

According to royal protocol, since Kate is the future queen consort, Meghan is supposed to show respect by walking or standing behind her at any royal engagements. Technically, Meghan is also supposed to curtsey to Kate, but this is not something the royal family has been very strict about with each other. Both women are supposed to curtsey to Queen Elizabeth II, of course.

They're also supposed to curtsey to any blood-born princesses (regardless of rank), but it's rare to see anyone in the family bowing or curtseying to anyone other than the Queen.

The two may follow rules of royal protocol when they’re out at public events, but behind the scenes it’s likely that both duchesses let their hair down and relax those rules. Kate and Meghan’s backgrounds could not be more different, but the two actually have more in common than people might think.

They are the same age. The women may have different styles, but they both have a passion for fashion. Finally, neither were born royals—they both had to learn how to fit into the royal family.

When Meghan and Prince Harry announced their engagement, royal insiders revealed that Kate did a lot to help Meghan transition. "Kate has taken Meghan under her wing and has offered her support and the promise of plenty of advice to help her adjust to her new life.

Kate knows better than anyone how overwhelming and challenging it can be to make the transition into being a member of the royal family, and she's vowed to assist Meghan in any way she can," one source told Hollywood Life.

The two might not get together to go out for brunch or shopping in public, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t close. It probably just means that they don’t want to cause a stir with the paparazzi. More likely, Kate and Meghan’s friendship is something developing behind the scenes, out of view of prying eyes.

Now that the two area going to be neighbors, they’re bound to bond even more. Renovations of the apartment in Kensington Palace right next door to Prince William and Kate are finally complete. Prince Harry and Meghan, who have been living at Harry’s bachelor pad, Nottingham Cottage, are slated to move into the apartment.

Source: PopSugar
Photos: Mark Jones/Wikimedia Commons, D. Myles Cullen, You Tube, Ricky Wilson/Flcikr

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