Is The White House Haunted? You Be The Judge

Apparently, there's a not-so-secret phenomenon occurring in the White House, and it's a bit unsettling.

Many people believe in ghosts, and if ghosts do exist, it wouldn't be surprising to find some in the White House. After all, the building has been called home by some of the most important and influential people in U.S. history, and the daily business that goes on there is of momentous importance. It wouldn't be surprising if some of the former residents or guests who passed away felt as though they had unfinished business there.

President Andrew Jackson is one of those restless spirits believed to still be there. He lived in the White House between 1829 to 1837. Jackson has been spotted in the Rose Room, which is his old bedroom. One person convinced she saw Jackson's ghost is Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of President Abraham Lincoln.

Speaking of Abe Lincoln, his ghost might also have remained in the White House. Considering his unexpected and traumatic assassination, it wouldn't be surprising if his spirit was unable to find rest. The 16th president of the U.S. might have stuck around, trying to get back to business.

Many people claim to have seen Lincoln's spirit in the home, or they say they've felt it. Eleanor Roosevelt's secretary once reported seeing Lincoln sitting on the edge of the bed putting on his boots. First Lady Grace Coolidge says she saw Lincoln's ghost standing in the Yellow Oval Room, looking out the window over the Potomac.

It's not only former presidents thought to be spending their eternity keeping up with politics. First Lady Abigail Adams is said to be lingering in the home, which she may still feel is her own. She and her husband, former President John Adams, were the very first POTUS and FLOTUS to live in the historic building in 1800, and some say her spirit never truly left.

Abigail is mainly spotted by White House staff near the East Room, where she used to hang her laundry. The East Room is currently used for events and receptions in the executive mansion.

Every ghost allegedly living in the famous building isn't necessarily famous. Jeremiah Jerry Smith was a White House laborer, who worked as a footman, butler and cook for 35 years. He retired and eventually passed away in 1904, and since then many have claimed to spot him. He's still dedicated to his duties.

Some of the spirits believed to be roaming the White House haven't even been identified. There is a boy that some people have spotted. He's approximately 14 or 15 years old, and he was first spotted by the staff of President William Howard Taft. In fact, he scared the dickens out of Taft's military aide, Major Archibald Butt.

Butt wrote his sister about the ghost, who he dubbed 'the Thing', and says that people usually first sense it by feeling pressure on their shoulder. Unfortunately, no one knows who this boy is— he could have been someone who lived and died in the area before the White House was built, or he could have been one of the many unidentified laborers called in at some point to do a job.

Skeptics will say there is no such thing as ghosts, but with presidents, first ladies, aides, military personnel, staff and visitors often corroborating each other’s stories, it’s hard to believe it’s all just coincidence and over-active imaginations. The White House just may be the most famous haunted house in the world.

Source: AOL, History
Photo: YouTube

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