Wanted Man Climbs On Elderly Man's Roof - Quickly Realizes He Picked The Wrong House

Police standoffs tend to be tense situations, but one innocent bystander knew just what to do when such a situation occurred in front of him.

Wilford Burgess, an 83-year-old grandfather from La Puente, California, has been hailed as a hero after he single-handedly resolved a five-hour standoff between police officers and a wanted man on his roof. The incident was captured on video by Mr. Burgess’ neighbor and granddaughter, Ashley Wrenn, who was asleep at the beginning of the bizarre episode.

The incident began when the La Puente Sheriff’s Station received a report of a stalker in the area. Police officers were quickly dispatched to the scene, where they discovered a peculiar sight. The suspect – who had allegedly followed another La Puente resident – was clambering across rooftops in an effort to escape detection. Unsurprisingly, police officers found it relatively easy to keep track of the conspicuous figure and eventually surrounded him on Mr. Burgess’ rooftop.

However, La Puente police officers were concerned that the suspect may be armed and were hesitant to attempt a weapon-heavy arrest in a dense suburban setting. Consequently, a five-hour standoff ensued between the authorities and the unidentified man. Despite numerous attempts to open negotiations with the suspect, the man remained immune to the requests and queries of crisis negotiators.

It was at this point that Ms. Wrenn awoke from an afternoon nap, recalling how she heard people yelling: “'We know where you are. We can see you’, as the man stomped and ran on the roof.” When Ms. Wrenn exited her home, she became embroiled in the crisis negotiation talks. “I told him we don't want him hurt, just want him off the roof,” said Ms. Wrenn.

Finally, Mr. Burgess decided to take matters into his own hand, with Ms. Wrenn recalling how “My grandfather was so upset. [He] told him, 'You need to get down and off my roof.'” After talking with another neighbor, Ms. Wrenn watched while her grandfather carried a ladder to his roof and calmly climbed up to confront the trespasser.

In an interview with The Mercury News and KTLA, Mr. Burgess explained his decision-making process. “He'd been up there too long," Burgess told KTLA. "I figured ... if they can't get him off, I can,” he stated matter-of-factly.

Ms. Wrenn’s video of the confrontation shows the cowardly intruder attempting to push past Mr. Burgess. However, the brave grandfather restrains the younger man and pushes him into a corner of the roof. In an impressive show of strength, the 87-year-old man proceeds to physically throw the police suspect off his roof and onto a car belonging to Ms. Wrenn’s mother.

Stunned police were then able to arrest and detain the suspect. At this stage, police are still uncertain about what the man was doing on the roofs of La Puente and the suspect has been submitted to a hospital for psycho-evaluation.

Ms. Wrenn is just glad that the man is no longer on the roof, saying “It was a crazy morning.” However, the proud granddaughter isn’t taken aback by her grandfather’s actions, telling KTLA: “He's like the strongest person in our family. I mean, he keeps us all together ... it wasn't a surprise to us. That's papa.”

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: KTLA, Ashley Wrenn

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