Waitress Posts Photo Of Her Check Online - Sparks Outrage

The debate over the federal minimum wage is one that will never completely go away. Advocates for higher wages will ramp up their efforts from time to time, but they will pull back once a certain goal has been reached.

Those that disagree with mandatory increases will relent for cost of living adjustments on occasion, and the wheel keeps spinning round and round. One spinoff of the wage battle has come in the form of proponents of the so-called ‘Fight for $15.’ In essence, advocates feel that this should be the benchmark for a minimum wage.

The debate over this one can get particularly heated. The reality is that even major companies would struggle to pay lowly skilled workers that hourly rate.

As such, they will find ways around that, and we’ll see even more automation in the future. Hence, those low paying, low skill jobs will begin to become less and less. Those that don’t have a dog in the fight may see the demand for $15 as a bit on the egregious side, but there’s another side to that coin. Low-paid employees have to make ends meet just like everyone else, and the realities of making that happen are awfully challenging.

As the Independent Journal Review shares, a waitress named Laura Boddy sparked an interesting debate on that when she posted a photo of her check on social media. She was lamenting the fact that she had worked 76 hours over the past two weeks, and that her check amounted to peanuts.

Granted, the majority of a server’s income comes in the form of tips that they’re paid on a daily basis, but the image of a check for $1.70 was jarring. Her post turned into a big thing, and Boddy provided some clarity for the conversation.

"The reason it was so low was because I was claiming most of my tips at that time. Basically, at the end of a shift you have to put into the computer system how much you've made.

Most servers don't do this which makes it look like they haven't made that much money, in return making their checks higher,” she explains. “Most of the time, I would get a check that had 'THIS IS NOT A CHECK' printed on it and would say $0.00.”

For Boddy, it’s a reality of the industry that she works in, but she’s grateful that her post sparked a chat about things for servers.

“I was not complaining about how much servers get paid, because most of the time it exceeds minimum wage. I was just trying to make it known to those that have never worked in the service industry before that tips are where our earnings come from,” she added.

“Some people don't realize that when they come in 10 minutes before closing time, and we stay an extra 30 minutes to an hour just to wait on them, and then they don't leave anything. All in all, the post was geared towards raising awareness and not meant as a nagging complaint."

Those are all fair points, and it’s something to keep in mind whenever you go out to eat. As for the minimum wage debate, there’s no solving that one overnight. Employees can’t simply demand more money for jobs that don’t pay all that much and expect employers to cave instantaneously.

If there’s no room for advancement at your place of employment, it’s time to start looking for a better opportunity, and/or improve your skills to open even more doors for the future.

Source: Independent Journal Review, Your Nation News
Photos: Laura Boddy/Facebook, Adikos, Zoetnet

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