Waitress Makes Shocking Discovery, Reveals What Restaurant Was Doing With Leftover Food

A restaurant in Michigan is under investigation after a teen working there blew the whistle on the establishment. The teen says workers were told to reserve food from tables that looked untouched and to serve it to others.

Kristie Bowie's 16-year-old daughter worked at Su Casa Restaurant in South Haven for a week and was horrified by what her daughter discovered. Servers were told to re-use food customers left uneaten on the tables.

“Who knows what people do to the food while it's on the table,” says Bowie in a Facebook rant. “I was a server and never ever did we take food back into the kitchen. It was thrown away."

Edgar Suarez, the owner of the restaurant, says he didn't know you could not re-use food from another table. "I didn't realize that even if people did not touch them or they were still in the tray, I thought everything was good."

Anthony Rigozzi, a former employee of Su Casa, had even more disgusting revelations. "They will have used meat out and just hang it back up after the health department tells them to take it down. They will put it right back up as soon as they leave," he said.

"I would rather have the place shut down because this shouldn't go on," Rigozzi said.

Source: WWMT
Photo: WWMT Screenshot, Deadline Detroit

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