Waffle House Claims He Stole Food, But He Left Because Of What He Saw

A man and his son stopped at a Waffle House for a meal, but things didn't go very well. The staff messed up their order, and the man sent it back. Then he saw a cook do something disgusting, and walked out without even getting the correct order. The Waffle House employees called the cops on him and reported that he dined and dashed without paying. The man was charged with theft.

The incident happened in a Waffle House in Pensacola, Florida. William Edmonson Jr. and his son ordered some food, but the staff messed up the order and the father and son sent it back without eating.

Edmonson happened to be watching the cook when the food was taken back, and what he saw turned his stomach. The cook grabbed a cooked burger that was sent back with his bare hands, peeled off the cheese and threw it back on the grill. At that point, Edmonson had lost his appetite. Before his correct order even arrived, he and his son walked out.

The Waffle House called the police and told them that he didn't pay for his food. Months later, Edmonson was shocked when police arrested him and he was charged with theft.

Surveillance video showed Edmonson and his son walking out of the Waffle House without eating. When the District Attorney saw the footage, they dropped all charges. It was clear that there was no theft involved, merely bad service.

Edmonson is furious with the Waffle House for making false accusations against him to the police. He's suing the restaurant for assault, slander and libel.

It’s not the only lawsuit that is giving Waffle House bad publicity these days. One man in Alabama is suing the restaurant because he says grease and sewage from the restaurant are seeping into his building next door from underground. Neither of these lawsuits are making the Waffle House look very appetizing these days.

Source: IJR
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