Viral Photo Of Obama Holding Baby - Lack Of Wedding Ring Raises Eyebrows

Ever since leaving the White House, the general perception is that former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama have been living the life. There have been a ton of pictures making the rounds of the pair enjoying fun in the sun in all sorts of exotic locales, and they seem to be yukking it up with wealthy celebrity pals every chance they get. That’s the perception, but there are some whispers that the reality is quite different.

As Radar Online shares, the whispers have ratcheted up to a roar in the wake of - you guessed it - another viral photo. This photo is of the former president, but some eagle-eyed observers have pointed out that he’s missing a key accessory in the widely disseminated photo.

Unless you’ve been trapped under something heavy for several days, there’s a really good chance that you saw the cute snap of Obama holding an adorable baby at the Anchorage International Airport in Alaska. If you look real close, you’ll notice that the former commander-in-chief’s wedding ring is nowhere to be found. As expected, that led to a ton of gasps once it was pointed out.

“Obama not wearing his wedding ring. Uh ohhhh,” shared one user.

“@BarackObama no wedding ring. @MichelleObama divorcee,” commented another user. “The Obama’s living with a lie.”

While there have been no direct reports of trouble in paradise, the awkward visual and slew of comments have given rise to rumors that the First Couple is experiencing a love on the rocks moment. This isn’t the first time there have been whispers of trouble in paradise. Back in 2014, Kazuyuki Hamada, a member of Japan’s parliament, made headlines by coming right out and saying it.

“The biggest reason - of many - for the collapse of his reputation is his failed relationship with his wife,” Hamada wrote in a blog. “It is an open secret that the pair are already negotiating their divorce, and that they are waiting for his term in office to be over, and then they’ll separate,”

Since the year is now 2017 and the Obamas are still going strong, we’ll assume that Hamada overstated things a wee bit. As for the users that are speculating about the strength of the Obamas' marriage on social media, we’ll also lean towards those claims as being on the hyperbolic side. Spotting a married man or woman without their wedding ring can potentially be a bad sign, but there could also be a perfectly reasonable explanation for it. Resizing and cleaning are two that spring to mind quite quickly.

As for the photo, Jolene Jackinsky, the baby’s mother was tickled pink that the former president took the time to greet her and her daughter. "It was unreal, very exciting. After I met him I couldn't believe I actually talked to him and he held my baby,” she recalls.

Sounds like Obama was awfully gracious, as he would remark, “Who is this pretty girl?” When he met the child’s father, he would even joke, “I’m taking your baby.”

Source: Radar Online, The Hill
Photo: Jolene Jackinsky/Facebook

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