VIDEO: Walmart Shopper Felt Something Strange On His Butt, Horrified After Noticing This On His Seat

Bed bugs - they're not just in beds anymore. A man took a motorized scooter in a Walmart to do some shopping. He was shocked to find himself being attacked by bed bugs a short while later.

Jose Avalos posted a video on Facebook that went viral at warp speed. The Phoenix, Arizona man went shopping with his wife at Walmart and used a motorized cart because he's been suffering from a foot injury. A little while later, he says he felt itchy.

“I thought it was just part of the rubber from the seat and I was like, you know what, it is a small itch,” Avalos told Fox 10. “Ten minutes later, the itch got much worse. So I thought, you know what, I need to check what is on the seat.”

What Avalos found was shocking. The seat was infested with bed bugs. Lupita Cruz, his wife, took videos of the creepy crawlies and posted them online.

"This is so disgusting!!" she wrote, relaying the entire story.

The couple called the manager, who says she couldn't see bed bugs. In Cruz's film, they're clearly crawling all over the cart.

When the couple filed a complaint, the manager refused to give them a copy, even though she said the form says they may request one. The manager also refused to sign it.

"This has been the worse customer service [I] have ever had," says Cruz, warning people to beware of the Walmart. "This place is freaking filthy!" she concluded.

Cruz also posted photos of her husband's puffy bug bites.

Walmart reportedly removed the carts after the incident but they have not made a public statement about it.

Source: Rare
Photo: Facebook/Lupita A Cruz

Bed bugs found on a Walmart chair.

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