Video Of This NFL Player Goes Viral, Women's Groups Calling For Suspension Over 'Sexual Assault'

Pro sports players seem to think they can get away with anything sometimes, but one player is getting a lot of backlash for an inappropriate move he made. At a St. Paddy's Day parade, the player pulled down a woman's shirt, exposing her breast for a split second. At least one woman's support group is calling the move 'sexual assault' and wants to see the player suspended.

Ezekiel Elliott, running back for the Dallas Cowboys, was at the festive event, standing next to a woman who seemed to be having a good time. The woman was wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and gesturing to her breasts as she moved to the music. Elliot reached over, grabbed her blouse and pulled it down.

The woman's left breast spilled out, and she quickly moved to cover herself. The football player tried again to yank her top down, and the woman swatted away his hand.

The woman remains anonymous; it's unclear if she even knew Elliot, or how she feels about the incident. The women's group UltraViolet, however, are not waiting for her to come forward and speak out. They are concerned on behalf of all women about the message that Elliot's actions sent.

Some may view Elliot’s actions as a harmless prank and others might see it as simply rude, but Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of UltraViolet, said to TMZ, "The reality is that what happened in that video was sexual assault, period, full stop."

"The evidence for it is he pulled down her shirt, exposed her breast and she slapped him away. She clearly didn't want him to do that. Ezekiel Elliott needs to be suspended."

Thomas says this is the NFL's chance to prove they're taking the issue of how players treat women seriously, as they've promised to do in the past. In recent years, a number of NFL players have been accused of domestic violence and abuse towards women.

Elliot is already being investigated by the league after his ex-girlfriend alleged he physically abused her. An additional sexual assault accusation could be bad news for the player.

Source: MSN
Photo: MSN, Screenshot

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