Vanessa Hudgens Is Under Fire For Latest Post On Social Media (Photos)

Fashion choices of celebs provide plenty of fodder for the tabloids, and some of them strike such a chord that they find a life of their own as well. According to the Daily Mail, we can add Vanessa Hudgens to the list of those who have been slammed for a perceived fopa.

The 27-year old star recently shared a pic on Instagram wearing a dreamcatcher in her hair. The item is Native American in origin, and Hudgens was accused of cultural appropriation to curry a little favor.

“You constantly go out of your way to disrespect cultures to look ~boho. It's rude as f***,” one commenter wrote.

“F*** you Vanessa Hudgens for cultural appropriation,” was another eloquent comment.

The cultural and fashion police failed to acknowledge that the former High School Musical star happens to be of Native American descent, but that fact did not go unnoticed by all.

“You would think as a Native American woman/descendant she would have a little more respect for Native American items than to wear it as a costume/decoration,” another commenter opined.

Others quickly came to her defense, and the attack dogs on social media would move on to their next target to take their frustrations out on.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Flickr/Eva Rinaldi, Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens receives mixed reviews on social media.

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