Utah Teenager Helped Plan And Execute His Friend's Suicide

An 18-year-old man from Spanish Fork, Utah, Tyerell Pryzybycien, will stand trial in a District Court after he was charged with first-degree murder and desecration of a human body. The severe charges were levelled against Mr. Pryzybycien after he encouraged Jchandra Brown, a 16-year-old girl from the same city, to commit suicide.

According to the Daily Mail, Mr. Pryzybycien spent several weeks gently coaxing his younger friend to take her own life. Not only did Pryzybycien purchase the rope that Jchandra later hung herself with, the reprehensible young adult also filmed the suicide on a mobile phone. To make things worse, court documents have revealed that Mr. Pryzybycien was also responsible for tying the noose and driving Jchandra to Payson Canyon, a remote location suitable for hanging herself.

The serving judge, James Brady, has already declared that, had Mr. Pryzybycien been a real friend to Jchandra, the young woman would still be alive today. The trial of a monster like Pryzybycien has already attracted significant attention from the media.

During a preliminary hearing, Chad Grundander, a prosecutor for the 4th District, declared that Pryzybycien had a clear “fascination with death,” arguing that this fascination prompted Pryzybycien to use Jchandra’s “suicidal ideations for his own purposes.”

After Grundander’s opening remarks, Pryzybycien’s defense attorney, Gregory Stewart, hit back, emphasizing that Jchandra has killed herself on her own volition and retorting that his client’s actions could not be classified as murder. According to Mr. Stewart, Jchandra frequently wrote about suicide in her diary, never once mentioning that it was anything but her own idea. “Przybycien's role wasn't commendable, but it didn't amount to murder,” stressed Stewart.

A report from the Daily Herald also describes another remark that Stewart allegedly delivered: “While we don't have all the video tapes we might like, I think it's clear that ... she was directly involved in the actions that caused her death.”

However, a torrent of damning evidence continues to paint a disturbing picture of Przybycien as a man prone to manipulation and casual cruelty. Court documents describe an ongoing debate about messages sent from one of Przybycien’s social media accounts. In the messages, Przybycien allegedly told a friend he was planning on helping Jchandra kill herself, writing: “It be awesome...It's like getting away with murder!”

Shortly after Jchnadra hung herself, Przybycien messaged his friend again, saying: “Bro It happened. I helped her do it too and I feel so guilty.” Unsurprisingly, police discovered the unencrypted messages during a routine investigation into the girl’s suicide. After being arrested, Przybycien tried to explain his actions, telling police that he too was suicidal and had wanted to see what killing yourself entailed.

The outcome of the hotly debated trial has become a talking point across Utah. When we asked Daniel Medwed, a law professor from Northeastern University, about the trial, he could only tell us that wasn’t confident that Przybycien would be tried as a murderer, saying: “[Przybycien] kind of set the wheels in motion, but there's a problem with causation because she made the ultimate decision to take her own life.”

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: YouTube

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