University Is Being Blasted Over Admissions Policy That Allegedly Favors Illegal Immigrants

The University of California finds itself receiving a heavy dose of backlash over a recent decision. In essence, the school is limiting the amount of American students that it will accept, but it’s placing no similar restrictions on illegal immigrants. As Fox News shares, education activists are livid.

“The regents in the University of California system recently instituted Regents Policy 2109 in response to state lawmakers threatening to withhold from the university system nearly $20 million if school officials didn’t cap the number of out-of-state American students,” Fox News reports. “The university's response to the state government’s threat was to limit the percentage of out-of-state American students in the student body to 18 percent on most campuses.”

Kyle Olson, founder of Education Action Group, is among those incensed at the policy, and he says it’s a sign of a growing problem.

“The UC system, like many others around the country, is routinely giving preferential treatment to illegal aliens at the expense of American students, many of whom are attending at great sacrifice of their parents,” he said. “It is disturbing to know the UC system is not even sure how many illegal students it has enrolled and is enabling by not enforcing our immigration laws.”

Ricardo Vazquez, spokesman for the University of California, sees things differently, and he paints a vastly different picture.

“This policy applies to students who, under California law AB (Assembly Bill) 540, qualify as state residents for tuition purposes,” he said.

Olson feels that the policy does more harm than good in the long run, and it amounts to a gigantic black eye for the school.

“Ultimately, and ironically, the California government is actually penalizing Californians by not counting illegals as out-of-state students and thus allowing them to, in effect, take seats away from in-state students,” he added.

Immigration is a hot-button issue that’s not going to be settled overnight, but this is just more fuel to the fire for those that feel there needs a to be tougher enforcement of policies across the nation. Exactly why should illegal immigrants be given preferential treatment in this situation? Can you imagine the outrage from immigration activists if the situation was reversed?

In fairness to the University of California, the spokesman indicates it only applies to students that qualify as state residents under California law. Therein lies part of the problem, as well as much of the confusion from those that feel not enough is done to enforce immigration policies. When a state or a city can arbitrarily decide to disregard immigration laws on the books - or simply create their own - that creates a legal nightmare. It’s also unfair to the illegal immigrants, as they are being sold a bill of goods that won’t pass the muster in a slew of other jurisdictions. Add it all up, and there’s a clear need for uniformity in immigration laws - but good luck getting anything like that passed. Cities and states that have decided to declare themselves as ‘sanctuary’ places will not be giving up that fight anytime soon.

Source: Fox News
Photo: Fox News Screenshot

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