UK Mom Nearly Died From Her 20-A-Day Red Bull Energy Drink Habit

Caffeine, which is found in hundreds of popular foods and beverages, is known to be highly addictive. Most people don’t have to treat their caffeine habit like they were addicted to heroin or speed, hiding it from their family and stashing their drugs all around the house, but that’s exactly what UK mom Mary Allwood was doing.

Like most modern mums, Allwood was short on energy, so she began drinking an occasional Red Bull energy drink. Drinking one like coffee in the morning didn’t seem like a big deal. Within just months, that one energy drink had turned into 20 a day, adding up to way more sugar and caffeine than a human body can deal with.

Allwood said that eventually she would drink one Red Bull, then run to the store to buy two more, and guzzle the first one, and sip the other one slowly so it would last a bit longer. Soon, Allwood was purchasing Red Bull by the case on a daily basis, explaining to the cashier that she had a restaurant where she was selling them.

Spending $3300 A Year On Red Bull

For the last year or so, she was spending more than $3,300 a year on Red Bull. It got so bad that Allwood was stashing cases of the addictive energy drink around her house.

However, Allwood’s addiction came to an end in November of 2015 when she felt an excruciating pain in her side and rang for an ambulance. When she got to the hospital, the doctors told her that her liver was twice the normal size and she must be an alcoholic.

She finally admitted she had been drinking 20 Red Bull a day, then quit cold turkey, and returned to good health in just a few months, losing at least 30 lbs in the process.

Source: Mad World News

Photo: Youtube

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