UFO Leaves Big Dent In Plane: Was It A Bird, An Alien Or Superman?

A UFO recently slammed into an NBA team’s plane, Inquisitr reported.

One of the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball players on board, Steven Adams, tweeted a picture of the dented aircraft to NASA and scientists Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson. He asked: “What could have caused this at 30,000 feet in the air?”

The front end of the charter jet sustained the damage sometime during a late-night Delta flight from Minneapolis to Chicago. No one on the plane saw anything. According to Dead Spin, a team spokesman recalled that there was some turbulence during the flight, but he did not consider it unusual.

“I guess we hit something,” player Josh Huestis told his Twitter followers after the plane landed and he saw what had happened. Another team member, Russell Westbrook, wrote: “You never take anything for granted. Just be thankful and blessed they we were able to land the plane and everything was OK.”

Carmelo Anthony asked on Instagram: “What possibly could we have hit in the SKY at this time of night?”

There was no shortage of theories on social media about the sort of object that might have struck the aircraft. Aviation experts also weighed in on the debate.

The Daily Star listed some of the “top contenders” for the best explanations. They included “Big Bird from ‘Sesame Street,’” Superman and an alien. The dent was too large for the culprit to have been weather-related phenomena like lightning or hail, according to Inquisitr.

The airline issued a news release stating: “Delta flight #DL8935, operating from Minneapolis to Chicago-Midway as a charter flight for the Oklahoma City Thunder, likely encountered a bird while on descent into Chicago. The aircraft, a Boeing 757-200, landed safely without incident. Customers have since deplaned and maintenance teams are evaluating. Safety is Delta’s top priority.”

However, no one found feathers or any other evidence to support the company’s theory. “That UFO, or unidentified flying object, was one that more than likely sported feathers, but after you take a look at that dent, you have to imagine it was a good-sized bird,” Inquisitr noted.

It is not uncommon for a bird to strike a plane. In September, The Telegraph reported that a Japan Airlines jet headed for New York City was forced to make an emergency landing in Tokyo due to engine failure caused by a bird.

In July, the same thing happened during an AirAsia X flight. No one was injured in either incident, which is usually the case with bird-plane collisions, according to the British Airline Pilots Association.

“Aircraft are designed and built to withstand bird strikes, and pilots undergo rigorous training to enable them to deal with eventualities like a bird strike,” said Stephen Landells, a flight-safety specialist for the association. “In my flying career, I have experienced 10 bird strikes, none of which caused any significant damage. On half the occasions, in fact, due to the small size of the birds, I was not aware that I had hit one until inspecting the aircraft after landing.”

Source: Inquisitr
Photos: YouTube, Josh Huestis/Twitter, Andrei Dimofte/Wikimedia, NMOS332/Wikimedia

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