Twins Confess To Why They Viciously Murdered Their Mother

A pair of twins have admitted that they murdered their mother fours ago, when they were 16 years of age, according to WCNC in Charlotte.

The NBC News affiliate reported that a judge sentenced Jasmiyah and Tasimyah Whitehead to 30 years in prison after the siblings confessed. “My state of mind at the time was ‘defend yourself,’” Jasmiyah told interrogators. “It wasn't like a fight on the street; it was more like a fight until somebody dies.”

The teens said they got into the battle with their mother after she scolded them for not getting out of bed on time. “You’re late for school; you’re not going to do what you want to do; you have to live by the rules,” the woman told them, according to Richard Read, the Rockdale County district attorney.

The kids accused their mother of threatening them with a cooking pot. “She just started waving the pot around … so I guess she was trying to hit us with the pot,” Jasmiyah recalled. “We all yelling; we all mad. Somehow, someway I don’t know where she got it from, I don’t even remember a knife block but she has a knife.”

Tasmiyah added: “I had took the pot from her. That’s when she grabbed the knife and said ‘get back.’”

As the fight moved into the family’s living room, it became more violent. Jasmiyah reportedly hit her mother in the head with a vase. “So my mom is winning the battle with the knife or whatever, so I pick up the pot and hit her with the pot,” Tasmiyah said. J

asmiyah told police: “She bit me in the chest and like I said, I’m not that that big so when she bit me she latched on to me and I tried to get her off because it hurts so I’m trying to punch her. I guess that then Tas stabs her. She stabbed her.”

Source: WCNC
Photo: AJC, MailOnline

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