Truth Finally Revealed About Elvis Presley's Death

According to his step-brother (who was at Graceland when Elvis died), the King deliberately overdosed on drugs that fateful day in August of 1977.

A new book titled “My Brother Elvis” is authored by David E. Stanley, whose mother married Elvis Presley’s father in 1960.

Media reports have confirmed that David Stanley moved into Graceland at the age of four and worked for Presley for a number of years.

In his newest book (his sixth about Elvis), Stanley claims Presley hinted about his plans two days before his death. Stanley recounts in the book that the King said he would be “on a higher plane” the next time the two men saw each other.

Stanley also claims that when Presley was found dead in a bathroom at his mansion, the family found both pills and syringes next to his body.

He claims that he simply slipped the drugs and paraphernalia into his pants pockets before police showed up. 

According to Stanley, Elvis had “done this on purpose”. 

The book also claims that Presley was so drugged up in the final days that his friends and family even had to help him use the bathroom.

Moreover, when Presley would nod off at the dinner table, Stanley or other family members would reach inside his mouth to remove the food.

Of note, the King was just 42 years old when he was found dead in a bathroom at Graceland. The coroner’s report said Presley officially died from a heart attack, but many close to the King, including Stanley, say his death was caused by a drug overdose. 

Source: Mail Online

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