Transgender Creates Viral Photo T-Shirt Confronting Hate And The Military

On Friday, Carla Lewis, 44, of Antioch, Tennessee posted an image on her Facebook page to raise awareness about the lives of transgender people in the U.S. military.

She wore a t-shirt that read "I fought for your right to hate me." Since then, the post has been shared almost 15,000 times.

She told The Huffington Post "Here’s the message I want others to glean from this shirt: Whenever a citizen volunteers for the armed services they immediately, at the very moment, make the conscious decision that they will sacrifice their life if it means securing freedom for their fellow citizens."

Lewis, who served in the Air Force, says she was discharged 18 months after enlisting for being transgender. She went on to say that the Air Force tried to court martial her for being gay.

She stated, "My discharge papers say I’ve got mental disorders. In the eyes of the military, being transgender is a blackmailable offense."

Lewis also said she attempted suicide in 1999 after her wife outed her to family and colleagues before their marriage ended. Transgender people are banned from military service.

Although some studies show that there are as many as 15,000 transgender people actively serving in the military and the reserves. The Pentagon announced it plans to lift the ban in May of next year.

Photo: Daily Life, WNCN

She fought for our freedom, now she would like her's.

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