Time Names Donald Trump Person Of The Year - But There Is A Hidden Message

Time Magazine announced who will be given the esteemed honor of being named 'Person of the Year' for 2016, and, not surprisingly, it's President Elect Donald J. Trump. The magazine refers to Trump as the 'president of the divided states of America.'

Mr. Trump said it was a 'tremendous honor' to have been chosen. Time's criteria is to choose the person or group that's been the greatest influence over the past year. Some other finalists were Trump's opponent, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, performer Beyonce, Facebook's co-creator Mark Zuckerberg.

Clinton won the 'No. 2' spot on the list. The former Secretary of State was expected to become the first female president and did win the popular vote, however she lost the Electoral College vote. She conceded on the night of the election as one battleground state after the other turned red on electoral maps.

Trump spoke to Matt Lauer, host of NBC's 'Today' show, on the phone. He said that Time is 'a very important magazine. I’ve been lucky enough to be on the cover many times this year and last year.'

Trump was not excited about the caption 'divided state of America,' but he accepted the honor nonetheless. He tells Lauer, “...I didn’t divide them. They’re divided now. I mean there’s a lot of division, and we’re going to put it back together and we’re going to have a country that’s very well healed.”

Source: NY Times
Photo: Twitter/Time

Trump's 'Person Of The Year' cover.

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