Tiffany Trump Makes Surprise Appearance At Wedding

Some of the guests at a recent wedding in Las Vegas were shocked when they saw President Trump’s daughter walking down the aisle.

No, Tiffany Trump was not getting married. She was the flower girl in a ceremony for former reality-show star Peter Cary “PC” Peterson and Quentin Esme Brown, whom People described as a “socialite.”

According to the magazine, Tiffany was in Las Vegas to attend a birthday celebration for a friend, Andrew Warren, when she agreed to serve in the wedding party.

Photos of the ceremony showed Tiffany wearing a basic black mini skirt and platform heels, as she spread pink rose petals from a blue Tiffany & Co. shopping bag along the aisle. People noted that the president’s daughter sported “her new blunt bangs.”

She is known for her interest in fashion, having appeared at numerous runway events.

Brown revealed that her relationship with Peterson is “unconventional yet conventional,” explaining that the couple plan to enjoy a “pure friendship” without having sex. “He has always been my soulmate in every sense of the word and we felt mutually that Vegas was the place to finalize our commitment to partnership,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Peter and I are not romantically involved — in fact, we are still dating others and will continue to seek love in all forms — we are just each other’s hearts and wish to begin our journey towards evolution, because the more we face reality, the more we can see that there is no right or wrong.”

Peterson is somewhat famous due to his role on “NYC Prep,” a TV show on Bravo that aired in 2009. Referring to his platonic arrangement with Brown, he wrote on Instagram: “We have talked about this for 10 years."

He continued, "Esme and I will never be romantically involved. We will continue to date others and live our lives.”

Warren was miffed that the couple held their wedding on his birthday. “I think it was nice of Tiffany to be a part of it, but she really had no plans to be in Vegas for that,” he tweeted.

“(I am) happy for them, even though I think it’s classless to do on someone else’s celebration weekend, and they should’ve come back on their own time.”

According to AOL, therapist Susan Pease Gadoua told Yahoo News that although a platonic marriage is unusual, it may not be a bad idea. “We don’t need to get married for any of the reasons we used to,” she said.

“Once you’ve got everything else in place, it is like the cherry on top. … Basically, rather than being an emotion-based marriage, it’s a purpose-driven marriage, which is kind of a throwback to how we used to marry before the industrial revolution.”

In the same Yahoo News article, psychologist Samantha Rodman pointed out that “a lot of these sorts of marriages are in response to society getting increasingly isolated, and people want to create a kinship model.”

She added: “To me, it seems like they’re creating a family out of two people. It’s a family member you can always count on.”

Tiffany maintains a much lower profile than her older sister, Ivanka, who has an office in the West Wing of the White House as an unpaid presidential adviser. Tiffany was the only child from Donald Trump’s marriage with Marla Maples, the second of his three wives.

Source: People, AOL
Photo: Wikipedia, YouTube

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