Thug Pulls Out Gun, Tries To Carjack 3 Men - Doesn't Realize Who They Are

There is nothing sadder than a thief, except, perhaps, a stupid thief. One man in New Mexico is one of the saddest of them all now, both literally and figuratively. The young man was attempting a carjacking but made a very poor choice. His would-be victims doled out some instant karma.

Angelo Martinez, a 21-year-old hanging around Loma Linda Community Center watching football practice, tried to talk to some of the players as they were leaving. The football players said they had never seen the young, skinny man before, but he was standing near their car 'acting sketchy as if he was trying to get in'.

Martinez told the three men that he needed a ride. Despite the fact that Martinez had already set off internal warning bells, the football players tried to be nice and agreed to drive him to his destination. They never thought this young guy would turn around and try to overpower the three of them. He’d have to be crazy to do that.

When Martinez got in the car, he raised more red flags with the men. He kept changing his destination. The men became more and more suspicious, but Martinez finally had them pull up to a home in Albuquerque.

When the car stopped, instead of getting out, Martinez pulled out a gun. He held it up and told the three huge men that he was going to steal their car, and demanded them to get out.

The three victims, unwilling to risk their lives with a gun in their faces, started to get out of the car. Then Martinez fumbled with the weapon. One of the men jumped back in and punched the carjacker in the face.

The other two football players joined in. They were easily able to hold the suspect until police arrived. Martinez was arrested. In his mug shot, you can see his two eyes are blackened and swollen shut. He has bruises on his lips and nose, as well as scratches on his face.

Martinez didn't stand a chance, especially when authorities discovered that the gun he was waving around was a fake. He did have a knife, as well as a note he prepared which read, "Give me the keys to your wip and a nobody get heart. I know where you live so don't make me kill (sic)."

He never bothered to use the note on the men in the botched carjacking.

Martinez was charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and attempting to commit a felony. Photos of the suspect on Facebook show him in a lot of 'tough guy' type poses, but he was not nearly as tough as he thought he was. Martinez has a criminal record that includes auto theft and shoplifting. Apparently, he’s not cut out for a life of thievery, as he keeps getting caught. Hopefully, he’s learned his lesson, will retire from his life of crime and find a career for which he’s better suited.

Source: NY Daily News
Photo: Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office

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